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Coordinates: 6°48′55″S 39°17′16″E -6.8152382, 39.2878926


Coseke Tanzania Limited

  • Location & Contact Information
    • Address, Directions, & Map
      • Azikiwe/Jamhuri Steer, 6th Floor - Benjamin William Mkapa Pension Towers, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
    • Telephone Numbers:
      • +255 22 2200048/49/50
      • +255 22 2200051 (fax)
    • Official Website: [1]

  • Overview & Photographs


Based in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, COSEKE is IT Company that provides Documents and Records Management solutions in East Africa, with offices in Kenya and Uganda. Founded in 1990, COSEKE offers document imaging (High Volume Document Scanning), Management and Workflow solutions that simplify document management processes by delivering secure, digitized versions of paper and other electronic documents while leveraging existing business applications. COSEKE also provides services related to Paper-Based Records Management and Library Services. We are able to: design and implement filing plan, archival programs, manual and automated library systems, carrying out records surveys, train on paper-based & electronic archiving, develop policy documents relating to records administration, among others.

With COSEKE document management expertise, a paperless office environment is now a dream come true to most businesses in the region. This is the most important portfolio in our business.

What We Do.

COSEKE is a full service document management solution provider with a global partnership with Eastman Kodak Company, Global360 Inc., Adaptec Storage systems & Anydoc Software Inc. We provide Back-files document Conversion and Bureau Services, Document Management Systems, systems integration & implementation services resulting in practical applications of Business Process Management.

For the past 18 years we have pursued the imaging market as a systems integrators specializing in document imaging systems, Business Process Management and Mass Storage Technologies. COSEKE works exclusively with proven off-the-shelf technology that is capable of tightly integrating its technologies with customers’ existing document management applications, data processing applications, and networking environments. COSEKE offers a full range of Document Scanners from Kodak; Document Management and Business Process Management Software from Global 360 Inc.; Network Attached Storage Appliances, Storage Area Networks, Optical Storage Technologies and Storage Management Software from Adaptec; Automatic Data Capture solutions from AnyDoc Software Inc. Grand Summary

COSEKE fundamentally provides a complete range of imaging services utilizing the latest imaging technology. The following is a list of products and services that we offer:

1. Document Management Systems

2. Business Process Management Technologies

3. Automated Data Capture Solutions.

4. Back-files Conversion and Bureau Services

5. Mass Storage and Back-up Solutions.

6. Training & Consultancy

7. Systems Integrations.

8. Hardware and Software Sales and Support'''

COSEKE organization is customer driven and our goal is to make our customers more profitable. With direct customer service and support, COSEKE works closely in the day-to-day operations of customers, understanding their challenges and helping them develop strategies for the future. Because of our quality products, reliable customer service and round the clock technical support, we have managed to build a business model that has given us a large base of loyal, long-term customers.


Large Companies in the United Republic of Tanzania run on COSEKE solutions, BP Tanzania Limited, National Health Insurance Fund Tanzania, Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation, National Housing Corporation, Standard Chartered Bank etc,).

CENTRAL BANKS & UGANDA: In East Africa COSEKE is providing a Document Management and Imaging Solution to the Central Bank of Kenya and Bank of Tanzania we are yet to implement at Bank of Uganda. In Uganda with Education Service Commission we are running one of the first pilot Document Management System involving digitization of over 1million Instruments of Appointment & Application forms.

EAST AFRICAN REVENUE AUTHORITIES: We proudly provided a Document and Imaging Management System to the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) in which we scanned a total of 4,300,000 registration books and in Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) we scanned 7,000,000 documents.

KENYA COMMERCIAL & GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS: Kenya Commercial Bank, Electoral Commission of Kenya, Kenya National Archives & Documentation Services, Higher Education Loans Board, Kenya Power & Lighting Company Limited, Securicor security services, CIC Insurance, PTA Bank, Co-operative Bank of Kenya, Nation Media Group and East African Breweries Limited are some of our Kenyan corporate clients.

A good number of Tanzania Government Ministries and Government Institutions have eminently benefited from the COSEKE document management solutions.

1.MINISTRY OF EDUCATION: (National Pilot Project on Primary and Secondary Schools Statistics was successfully implemented using scanning and OCR for AnyDoc Solution).

2.MINISTRY OF LAND AND HUMAN SETTLEMENTS: (Over 9 Million Title Deeds were digitized nationwide)

3.Dar es Salaam City Council (Over 1.5 million land documents were converted to digital form).

4.TANZANIA REVENUE AUTHORITY: (Over 5 million Motor Vehicle Registration documents were digitized)

5.PUBLIC SERVICE MANAGEMENT: We scanned employee files for all staff in the government of (The United Republic of Tanzania).

6.Higher Education Students’ Loan Board-Digitalization and automatic data capture for students loan application forms

7.National Bureau of Statistics(OCR)-Automatic data capture of agriculture censor

8.BUNGE-Digitalization of Hansad and other documents

9.Sokoine University of Agriculture-DMS for Personnel and General Files

There are over 130 active COSEKE corporate customers in the East African region.

We genially welcome you to experience COSEKE services that will give your organization a total turn around in Document Imaging (High Volume Document Scanning) plus Storage Solutions and will highly be appreciative if given an opportunity.

Prospective Employees

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General Manager

Busines Development Manager

Sales and Customer Service Executive

Accounts Executive

Sales Executive

Technical Manager

Software Engineer

Systems Engineer

Hardware Technician

Data Entry Clerk



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