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Alexander Mann Solutions

  • Level 12 Robinsons Summit Center, 6783 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Philippines
  • Website: [1]
  • Map: [2]
  • Overview: As a growing organisation with a global footprint, we have a responsibility to the community and to the environment. We�ve recently begun transforming our business to adhere to the ten pillars of UN Global Compact, which guides our actions in every area of our operations. Additionally, we seek to minimise our environmental impact, with initiatives on usage of renewable resources, carbon footprint minimisation, and recycling. Our staff are frequently integrated into our clients organisations and work sites. Where this occurs, our staff also adhere to the clients environmental and social responsibility guidelines. Throughout the world, AMS staff also support local charities in a much more hands-on way,through fundraising efforts such as the Three Peaks Challenge.In 2008 there are three events,all of which involved AMS volunteers climbing three mountain peaks � non-stop - in their local countries.


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