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Coordinates: 14°37′39″N 120°58′22″E 14.627385677795372, 120.97272276878357


Florentino Torres High School

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Florentino Torres High School, commonly known as Torres High School, situated in Tondo, Manila, Philippines, is one of the oldest public schools in Metro Manila. [1]

History Florentino Torres High School, is one of the oldest school in Manila. [1]

    • Torres High School, founded by Mr. James T. Burns, began as an old, dilapidated building along Legarda Street in 1925. It was formerly named as Legarda High School. Its first enrollees were a group of students who were refused admission in the other 3 existing public high schools during that period. A year later, the school was transferred to the Syquia Building at the foot of the Pritil bridge along Juan Luna Street was renamed Manila West High School. In March 1928, the School gave birth to its first batch of graduates. In the same year, various organizations and clubs were established.[1]
    • In 1930, many changes took place among high schools in the City of Manila. The names of the schools were named after the first four Filipino jurists of the Philippine Supreme Court by virtue of the resolution of the Municipal Board. From Manila West, it came to be known as Torres High School, after Florentino Torres, one of the foremost Filipino justices. The first Filipino principal was appointed in the person of Mr. Marcelino Bautista.[1]
    • It was in January 1937, under Mr. Ricardo Castro's administration, when the school formally occupied the Constabulary Barracks in Gagalangin where it is presently located. The school was closed in 1941, when World War II raged. Schools were converted into garrisons, and records were all destroyed.[1]
    • It was not until July 16, 1945, that the school was re-opened with Mr. Pablo Reyes as principal. The first post-Liberation graduates, 30 in all, received their diplomas on November 24, 1945. After the World War II, seven other commencement exercises were held in the same year.[1]
    • For the first time since it was established, Torres High School celebrated the Torres Foundation Day on October 16, 1953, under principal Cesario Bandong.
    • In the next few decades, the school's enrollment grew tremendously. In March 2004, an alumbi website was created.[1]

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