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Coordinates: 14°36′17″N 121°02′22″E 14.60472, 121.03944


Xavier School

  • Location & Contact Information
    • Address, Directions, & Map:
      • 64 Xavier Street, Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila, Philippines
    • Telephone Numbers: +632 723 0481
    • Official Website: [1]

History & Memorable Moments


  • Many Jesuit missionaries who were obliged to leave China in 1949 found a new home and mission in the overseas Chinese community of the Philippines. To facilitate their evangelization of the Chinese community, the Jesuits decided to set up a school in downtown Manila. Begging for donations by going door-to-door in Chinatown, Fr. Jean Desautels, S.J., a French-Canadian Jesuit who was part of the China mission accumulated a measley 20,000 pesos, 80,000 pesos short of the 100,000 pesos required to purchase the land for the school. He was accompanied by Basilio King and Ambrose Chiu, two Chinese businessmen, both Ateneo de Manila alumni, who wanted to help set up an Ateneo de Chino. At this point, Fr. Desautels was about to give up on the idea of establishing a school. His prayers were answered when friends -- both clergy and lay -- looked into what they could contribute. [1]


  • The Xavier School Campus circa 1963.At 3:30PM on December 15, 1955, Fr. Desautels was able to close the deal and purchase the land, an hour and a half before the 5:00PM deadline agreed by Fr. Desautels and the seller of the land. Eventually, the group of Jesuits led by the late Frs. Jean Desautels, Louis Papilla, and Cornelius Pineau set up Xavier School (Kuang Chi). [1]


  • In 1956, in a converted warehouse in Echague, Manila, the school opened its doors to its initial batch of students — 170 children of Chinese immigrants in the Philippines. The school was named after St. Francis Xavier, one of the first leaders of Jesuit missions in China, which was pursued but unwillingly left unfinished by the school’s Jesuit founders. The school was also named after Paul Hsü Kuangchi (Pinyin: Xŭ Guāngqĭ; Simplified Chinese: 徐光启; Traditional Chinese: 徐光啓), a 16th-century Chinese nobleman and high court official who converted to Christianity and supported its spread in China. [1]


  • Being a Jesuit school helped establish the school’s reputation. In 1960, Xavier School transferred to a 7-hectare property in Greenhills, San Juan, then only an area of rice fields and grasslands. Within a decade, the outlying areas became home to many Xavier families, evolving into one of Manila’s most dynamic Chinese-Filipino communities today. The present campus is a complex of 12 buildings housing over 4,000 students from Nursery to High School. [1]
  • Xavier has been educating Chinese Filipinos from the very beginning, although never in an exclusive manner, as evidenced by the significant and still growing number of Filipinos among its students and alumni. Part of its mission is evangelizing the local Chinese and promoting their integration into Philippine society. It was a task of building two bridges: the bridge between Christ and the Chinese Filipinos (Evangelization), and the bridge between the Chinese community and the larger Philippine society (Integration). [1]
  • Unlike other Chinese schools in the Philippines, Xavier School was established as an all-boys school, a Filipino school with an English curriculum that integrated Chinese studies. Through its Grant-in-Aid program, the school offers financially-challenged but otherwise qualified students the opportunity of a Xavier education. [1]
  • For the past fifty years, the school has been providing Jesuit education and formation by forming its students into “men for others” guided by the six C’s, the six Xavier values that define the Xaverian: Competence, Culture, Compassion, Conscience, Character, and Community. Its motto is “Luceat Lux,” or “Let your light shine!” capturing the school’s vision of developing “men fully alive endowed with a passion for justice and the skills for development.” [1]

Prospective Students

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New & Current Students

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  • Benefits of Joining Alumni Association
  • Chapters
  • Teachers (Where are they now?)
    • Andaya, Nathaniel Chan Bona (June 1971 - March 1982)
    • Delos Reyes, Michael Perez (May 1992 - Present)
    • Dy-Vasquez, Michelle Perez (May 1998 - Present)
    • Espiña, Eric Sacil (June 1998 - Present)
    • Gonzales, Dorothy Eleanor Olar (May 1996 - Present)
    • Ong, Patrick Tan (June 1998 - April 2003)
    • Rana-Sudario, Ellen Capiral (April 1990 - Present)
    • Sace, Rey Claudio (May 2001 - Present)
    • Silvano, Allen Christopher Maraya (May 2000 - Present)
  • Alumni Directory
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 Xavier School is looking for high school teachers for SY 2008-2009.
 No previous teaching necessary, but ideally must be willing to take up Education units.
 Current openings:
 English, Science (Physics), Math
 Submit the following requirements personally at TRC (Testing and Research Center) at Xavier School.
 two 1 x 1 pictures
 Letter of Application, addressed to Ms. Jane Cacacho, High School Principal Resume
 Transcript of Records
 For inquiries call 723-0481, local 314
 64 Xavier St.
 Greenhills, San Juan


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