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Coordinates: 37°52′28″N 122°15′29″W 37.87444, -122.25806

Davis Hall


  • Perhaps a tribute to the longevity of civil engineering structures and the nature of infrastructure as a whole, Davis Hall has outlived its original incarnation. This original structure was a two-story concrete building that in its final years contained space for lab classes involving concrete, steel, and other heavy and messy materials. In 2004 this part of the building was demolished to make room for the CITRIS building.[1]
  • The south wing, dating from the 1960s, is a seven story basement. Originally intended as mechanically ventilated lab space, it was later converted into a classroom and office building. This has resulted in a lot of windowless classrooms and offices, a problem rectified partially during the 2003 retrofit with the addition of windows on the sixth floor to supplement those on the seventh.[1]
  • Places to Check Out:[1]
      1. Third Floor Hallway. A display area for student groups, you may see a concrete canoe or steel bridge here. On the other end of the hallway there is a viewing gallery of some very large testing machines used to test bridge girders and other large objects.


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