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Coordinates: 37°52′11″N 122°15′32″W 37.869611, -122.2587991


Sproul Hall

  • Administration
  • Built in 1941


  • The architectural embodiment of a UC administration whose size has far outgrown this building, Sproul Hall is where students go to file paperwork and to occupy when they get angry at the administration. The headquartering of UC Police in the basement doesn't seem to be of any deterrent whatsoever.[1]
  • After years of protests and occupations, all the top administrative offices, such as that of the Chancellor, were moved out of easy to occupy Sproul to controlled-access California Hall, which has only one door that opens from the outside and requires all visitors to sign in. Recently though occupations and protests on Sproul have diminished as students and administration find themselves faced with a common enemy- increasing budget cuts out of Sacramento.[1]
  • The bureaucratic end of Sproul has also been fading into history as more and more services go electronic. Now, only things that require physical ID verification, happen with rare frequency, or require face-to-face contact are conducted in Sproul. Now, most students rarely enter, except to drop off fee payments in the basement dropbox.[1]
  • Still, Sproul Hall and the steps and plaza in front remain a focal point of campus. One of two places where amplified sound is allowed (the other being Lower Sproul in front of Eshleman Hall) it is still a popular place for staging events of all sorts from football rallies to political rallies.[1]
  • Places to Check Out:[1]
      1. Drop Box #4. One of four dropboxes in the UC Police Station in the south end of the basement. This is where students turn in checks to pay student fees. I do not recall what Drop Boxes 1-3 are, and am certain to never have had to use them.



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