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Coordinates: 42°43′36″N 84°28′38″W 42.72667, -84.47722


Michigan State University

  • Address: East Lansing, Michigan, United States of America 48824
  • Phone: 517-355-0333
  • Website: [1]
  • Overview

The history of the Michigan State University (MSU) dates back to 1855, when the Michigan Legislature established the Agricultural College of the State of Michigan, with three buildings, five faculty members and 63 male students. As the first agricultural college in the United States, the school served as a prototype for future Land Grant institutions under the Morrill Act enacted during Abraham Lincoln's presidential administration. The school's first class graduated in 1861 right after the onset of the American Civil War. That same year, the Michigan Legislature approved a plan to allow the school to adopt a four-year curriculum and grant degrees comparable to those of the University of Michigan.[1]

In 1870, the College became co-educational and expanded its curriculum beyond agriculture into a broad array of coursework commencing with home economics for women students. The school admitted its first African American student in 1899. Not long before this, in 1885, the College had begun offering degrees in engineering and other applied sciences to students. The 26th U.S. President, Theodore Roosevelt, addressed the school at the 1907 commencement, an event coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the school's opening. During this period, the school established "Farmers' Institutes" as a means of reaching out to the state's agricultural community and informing the membership of developments in agricultural science; the program gradually became the MSU Extension Services.[1]

After World War II, the college gained admission to the Big Ten Conference, joining the rival University of Michigan, and grew to become one of the largest educational institutions in the United States with 44,937 currently enrolled. In its centennial year of 1955, the state officially made the school a university and the current name was adopted in 1964 after Michigan voters adopted a new constitution. During the Vietnam War, student activists brought about many changes to the institution and the school was a hotbed of anti-war protests. In more recent years, MSU has worked on improving its academic reputation, though a series of student riots in the late 1990s has made this task more difficult. Nevertheless, MSU's current president has stated that a renewed focus on biotechnology research and residential college learning would make the university a new model for America's Land Grant institutions.[1]

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    • Biff, Gomer (January 1967 - September 1968)
    • Dinkelacker, Jamie (September 1982 - August 1986)
    • Evans, Dale (September 1992 - Present)
    • Gamboa, Lawrence S (July 1993 - June 1996)
    • Jones, John (February 1996 - Present)
    • Leeson, Andrew (January 1944 - Present)
    • Lim, Lynette (August 2000 - Present)
    • Low, Mary Elizabeth (August 1968 - April 1970)
    • Monzono, Jaime (March 1994 - March 1997)
    • Nurnberger, Fred Vernon (September 1981 - October 2001)
    • Robinson-Robinson Moore-Warner, Nancy Mae (September 1960 - July 1968)
    • Rodgers, Patricia J. (January 2001 - Present)
    • Williams, Marcellette (September 1970 - Present)
    • Zaidi, Syed (June 1999 - Present)
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