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Coordinates: 26°20′05″N 127°46′52″E 26.3345762, 127.781167


Kadena High School

  • Address: Kadena Airbase, Building 9490, Kadena-cho, Okinawa, Japan 904-0000
  • Phone:
    • 634-3455, 634-1712
    • 937-7469 (fax)
  • Website: [1]
  • Overview

Kadena High School is on Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan and is administered by Department of Defense Education Activity. It opened in 1981 (originally serving grade levels 7-12 as there were no middle schools at the time). The school is mainly for American military dependents to attend an English speaking school grade levels 9-12. The school mascot is the Panther. Most sports have two teams - the Islanders and the Buccaneers. School colors are black and gold. The School is located near the east entrance of Gate 5 with Kadena Middle School on the west side of the Gate. The School has a main building where most classes and activities are performed, but due to a large number of students an additional 2-Story building called "The Annex" was added. [1]

Other American military dependent high schools on Okinawa are Kubasaki High School, considered to be Kadena High School's archrivals, and the private Okinawa Christian School International, or OCSI. Also, the Far East team for tennis, basketball, soccer, football,cross country and track are very strong. In the 2009-2010 season, Kadena beat Seoul American for the Far East Title 44-0. [1]

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