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Coordinates: 33°39′34″N 73°01′34″E 33.6593169, 73.0261231


International Islamic University, Islamabad

  • Address: Islamabad, Capital, Pakistan
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The International Islamic University, Islamabad (Arabic: الجامعة الإسلامية العالمية إسلام آباد, Urdu: بين الاقوامی اسلامی يونيورسٹی), an international seat of Islamic learning in Pakistan to provide every opportunity for an all round and harmonious development of individuals and society and reconstruction of human thought in all its forms on the foundation of Islam. [1]

The foundation of the International Islamic University, Islamabad was laid on November 11, 1980. The desire to produce scholar and practitioners, imbued with Islamic Learning, character and personality, and capable to meet the economic, social, political, technological and intellectual needs of the Muslim Ummah was the raison d'être of this university. The University was reconstituted as International Islamic University, Islamabad with the promulgation of ordinance of 1985. The University is currently ranked at 8 in Pakistan and 3470 in the world. [1]

It is completely distinct from the International Islamic University in Malaysia, although the two institutions may pursue similar aims. [1]

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