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exeQserve Corporation

  • 21st Floor, 88 Corporate Center Building, Sede┼ło corner Valero Streets, Makati City, Philippines
  • Website: [1]
  • Map: [2]
  • Overview:

ExeQserve Corp. is a premiere HR Solutions provider helping companies find match to their needs for human talents. At exeQserve we believe that people are the drivers of business success. People bring in ideas, execute plans and pursue strategic objectives. It all starts with hiring the right persons for the job but finding a match is easier said than done. So many questions need to be answered like, what constitutes a good candidate, where to look, how to screen and when found, how to attract the person to take the job? At exeQserve, we work with both the prospective employer and employee to find a good match. We believe that helping both parties get the best out of the engagement builds strong professional relationship that paves the way to productivity and success.


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