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Coordinates: 14°33′49″N 120°59′43″E 14.5637351, 120.9952158


De La Salle University - College of Saint Benilde

  • Location & Contact Information
    • Address, Directions, & Map:
      • 2544 Taft Avenue, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
    • Telephone Numbers: (632) 526-7441 to 47
    • Official Website: [1]
  • History & Memorable Moments
    • College of Career Development

In 1980, De La Salle University, under the administration of Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC, opened an academic unit known as the College of Career Development, an evening school for working students. Presentacion Gabriel of the College of Liberal Arts served as its first dean, where her term lasted from 1980 to 1987. In 1984, the Preparatory Studies Department (PSD) was established in order to allow students to cope up with the study requirements in subsequent degree-oriented courses in regular undergraduate colleges. [1]

In 1985, the college was renamed as the Community College and Dr. Carmelita Quebengco served as the dean for four years, from 1987 to 1991. The PSD was phased out and replaced by the Arts and Business Studies Area (ABSA) in May 1987. The ABSA offered two courses, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management with emphasis on Human Resources Management, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Major in Computer Applications. [1]

  • DLSU-College of Saint Benilde

The original Benilde Hall in DLSU-Manila housed the college until 1989. It was renamed to Miguel Hall after the college left. [1]

The Community College was officially renamed to De La Salle University-College of Saint Benilde in 1988, after the establishment of the De La Salle University System. Saint Benilde was selected as the namesake of the college to symbolize its objective of providing innovative education for the verbally but not numerically gifted, late bloomers, handicapped, as well as artists. Saint Benilde made room for his students in Clermont-Ferrand in France no matter what age or mental level they have. He also deliberately learned sign language in order to instruct a deaf-mute boy for his first Holy Communion. [1]

The ABSA was eventually renamed as the Arts and Business Studies Department (ABSD) and became the college's day program, while the Career Development Department (CDD) remained as the college's evening program. Because of the need for more space, the college was moved to its own campus at 2544 Taft Avenue in 1989. A third major program, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies was offered. Initially, the program was undertaken in consortium with the College of Liberal Arts. The college first offered a Certificate Program in Accounting for the deaf in 1991. [1]

The new five-storey Duerr Hall adjoining the original building was blessed in 1992. In 1993, the Chapel of the Resurrection in the Duerr Hall was completed and the College Admissions Office was created. It was also in this year that the college was declared a No-Smoking Campus. In March 1994, groundbreaking ceremonies were held for the construction of the third and fourth wings to complete the Taft Campus. [1]

  • Autonomous College

The College of Saint Benilde became an autonomous college in April 1994. The college ratified its proposed Constitution and By Laws, paving the way for the establishment of the DLSU-CSB Faculty Association and the Office of the Associate Dean conducted sectoral and institutional efforts to identify Benildean core values in November 1994. The Night College, a scholarship program, was transferred from De La Salle University-Manila to the College of Saint Benilde in 1995. In the same year, the following degrees were first offered: Bachelor of Science in Interior Design in consortium with the Philippine School of Interior Design, Bachelor of Arts, Major in Production Design, Bachelor of Arts, Major in Technical Theater, Bachelor of Arts, Major in Arts Management, and Bachelor of Performing Arts, Major in Dance. [1]

In 1996, the School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management was formed, and groundbraking ceremonies for the Angelo King International Center building were held. The following degrees were first offered in the same year: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Export Management; Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management; Bachelor of Arts, Major in Fashion Design and Merchandising; Bachelor of Arts, Major in Consular and Diplomatic Affairs, and the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Deaf Studies. It was also in this year that the college started offering Physical Education classes on campus. [1]

The administration of the vocational programs of the Night College of the De La Salle University-Manila was passed on to DLSU-CSB in June 1997 and the Night College was renamed as the Blessed Arnould Study Assistance Program in September. The first college commencement exercies independent from De La Salle University-Manila were held in October. [1]

In March 1998, the NCAA accepted the college's application for membership to the sports league along with La Salle Green Hills athletes as its high school representatives. The Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts degree, the first of its kind in the country, was offered in 1999, while the Bachelor of Arts in Music Production degree was offered in 2000. Construction of the Angelo King International Center was started in 1998 and was finished and opened in 1999. In 2004, after an uproar in De La Salle University-Dasmariñas caused by the university status issue of DLSU-D and other non-university DLSU System schools that used "DLSU" in their names, Br. Armin Luistro FSC, president of the DLSU System, ordered that all other member tertiary schools not bearing their own charters (namely, Dasmariñas, College of Saint Benilde, Health Sciences Campus, and Canlubang) have the name "University" removed from all correspondences and labels, until they have procured their respective charters. The college then restated its mission and vision and was renamed into De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, dropping the University from its name. [1]

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  • Teachers (Where are they now?)
    • Cagungun, Jane
    • Cruz, Jakielyn Anne
    • Evangelista, Niña
    • Lim, Leslie Ann
    • Magno, Harold
    • Malana, Julie Gail
    • Abueg, Efren Andrew
    • Aguinaldo, Anginette
    • Agulan, Katrina Chye
    • Alafriz, Lily Grace Moralejo (June 1995 - Present)
    • Alcantara, Soccour
    • Alejandrino, Maria Lourdes Joy
    • Ang, Vanessa
    • Apodaca, Honesto Madrilejos (June 1990 - March 1997)
    • Apostol, Jo Anne Reyes (June 2000 - May 2001)
    • Aquino, Rc
    • Aviles, John Phillip
    • Azaña, Francis
    • Bacungan, Irene
    • Barodi, Bambi
    • Barroso, Maria Ann Francesca
    • Bernardo, Richard Nelson
    • Blanco, Juan Miguel
    • Bonaobra, Rommar Cyril
    • Calado, Annabel
    • Carlos, Carlos Victor
    • Catapang, Immacon
    • Chen, Glaiza
    • Cheng, Amirah Jehan
    • Chu Choc, Nicole Aithne
    • Chu, Eric John
    • Chua, Leslie Ann
    • Chua, Richard
    • Co, Kathreen Claire
    • Conde, Ruthchilmarie
    • Cruz, Alan
    • Cruz, Gino Francis
    • Cruz, Jimmy
    • Cruz, Juanito Orlando Iii
    • Dalde, Marilyn
    • De Guzman, Rancy
    • De Leon, Benedict
    • De Leon, Charisse Vanessa
    • De Matta, Leah
    • Dejolde, Chona
    • Dela Cruz, Aileen
    • Dela Cruz, Jessica
    • Fernando, Earl
    • Formoso, Patrick Anthony
    • Francisco, Jerome
    • Galasinao, Fritchie
    • Galvez, Peter Enriquez (May 2001 - May 2003)
    • Go, Richard Nicolas
    • Go, Stephen
    • Gonzales-Gonzales, Lisa Gonzales (January 2000 - Present)
    • Herrera, Zemir
    • Hipolito, Joseph Perez (June 2000 - Present)
    • Hojas, Remy Lou
    • Ignacio, Laurice Grace
    • Imbuido, Juan Paolo
    • Jimenez, Albert
    • Kasilag, Bernardito Velasquez (June 1996 - Present)
    • Lagunilla, Jose Ricardo G.
    • Layno, Jee Jason Angelo
    • Lee, Norman Garcia (June 1994 - Present)
    • Lee, Sandra Hazel
    • Librea, Enrico Maurice
    • Lim Un, Caroline Rose
    • Lim, Timothy John
    • Liong, Gary
    • Locariã±As, Ethelie
    • Luistro, Omar Gerard
    • Macasero, Hannah
    • Madrigal, Albert Dilao (October 2000 - January 2001)
    • Mananzan, Andre
    • Mangali, Elena Gracia
    • Marquez, Pina (September 1993 - May 1998)
    • Medina, Marita
    • Melgar, Rhea
    • Mendoza, Joseph Conrad
    • Mogol, Venero Angelo
    • Navalta, Mateo
    • Nolasco, Kathleen
    • Norico, Ramil
    • Ongpico, Janina Camille
    • Oroceo, Ian Christopher
    • Osea, Finian
    • Parial, Janine
    • Pineda, Jeisey Luanne
    • Queddeng, Robert Manalo (June 2000 - Present)
    • Ramos, David Angelo
    • Ricarte, Sheena (Graduated Bachelor of Arts major in Consular & Diplomatic Affairs, Magna cum Laude, and Outstanding Thesis Awardee; Began studies in June 2001 and graduated in October 2004)
    • Sarmiento, Katherine Mae Paguio (May 2003 - Present)
    • Savares, Fidel Rubio (September 1998 - Present)
    • Silva, Rica Suzanne
    • So, Aldric
    • So, Stephanie
    • Soriano, Gary Roque (June 2005 - Present)
    • Sta. Maria, Maximo Iii
    • Sy, Mae Adrienne
    • Talento, Allan Paul
    • Tan, Cherry
    • Teodoro, Natasha Patricia
    • Ubalde, Jover
    • Uy, Don Richelle
    • Uy, Dustin
    • Valencia, Marcial Serafico (June 1996 - August 1997)
    • Vasallo, Ricaphel Marie
    • Villanueva, Joaquin Chino (March 2000 - Present)
    • Vy, Edelice Hennie
    • Yu, Jennifer Jane
    • Yu, Joshua Emmanuel
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