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The Asian Centre for Enterprise Development

  • Location & Contact Information
    • Address: Suite 374, 3rd Floor, Philippine International Convention Center, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
    • Telephone Number: 63 2 789 4789 loc. 7256
    • Official Website:
  • Map: [1]
  • Job Listing
  • Overview

The Asian Centre for Enterprise Development (ASCEND) has the competence and facilities to successfully deliver projects and complete consulting engagements within schedule and according to specifications. For data gathering, it has the tools for OCR data capture, computer-aided telephone interviewing (CATI), and computer-aided personal interviewing (CAPI). For data analysis, it has the competence, methodologies and tools to create decision-making models, performance management solutions, and process improvement tools. For developing programs, it has the experience and domain experience in various industries to participate in program development, organizational enhancement programs, and marketing development.


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