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Coordinates: 13°49′48″N 120°38′22″E 13.83, 120.63944


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Find Calatagan in BuyAndSellPlus.COM

Calatagan is a 3rd class municipality in the Province of Batangas, Philippines. According to the latest census, it has a population of 51,544 people in 9,201 households.

The town comprises the Calatagan Peninsula between the South China Sea and Balayan Bay. The peninsula's near white sand beaches are popular vacation and leisure sites for Manila's rich and famous. There are several beach resorts including the art-filled guesthouse called Banak House Calatagan, others like the Ronco Beach Resort in Brgy. Bagong Silang, Playa Calatagan in Brgy. Sta. Ana, the Golden Sunset Resort in Brgy Uno, and Lago de Oro Resort where one can go wakeboarding, Villa Agustina, Nacua. These are well-known local places for relaxation and respite from all the week's work. Calatagan was formerly titled as the Forbes Park of the South, because of the rich families who owns their estates here not minding the bad road condition before, anyway they have their helipads for their helicopters to land on.

An extremely rare example of pre-Spanish Philippine script was found in Calatagan. The script is called Baybayin in Tagalog, and was derived from Javanese writing, which in turn is derived from Brahmi. This writing survives on an earthenware burial jar dated 1200s or 1300s.[1]


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