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Coordinates: 14°10′01″N 121°19′59″E 14.167, 121.333


Laguna is a province of the Philippines found in the CALABARZON region in Luzn. Its capital is Santa Cruz and the province is located southeast of Metro Manila, south of the province of Rizal, west of Quezon, north of Batangas and east of Cavite. Laguna almost completely surrounds Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the country. The province got its name from the Spanish word lago, which means lake or lagoon.Laguna is notable for being the birthplace of Jos Rizal, the country's national hero. Laguna is also famous among tourists for the Pagsanjn Falls, the University of the Philippines campus and the hot spring resorts in Los Baos on the slopes of Mount Makiling, Pila Town Plaza, Taytay Falls, Majayjay, the wood carvings and papier mache created by the people of Paet, the turumba of Pkil, the Seven Lakes of San Pablo City and the Hidden Valley Springs in Calauan.[1]



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