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Coordinates: 14°36′12″N 121°02′17″E 14.603186, 121.0380936


San Juan City

The City of San Juan (Filipino: Lungsod ng San Juan) or simply San Juan is a city in Metro Manila in the Philippines. Before the creation of Metro Manila, it was part of Rizal Province. Currently the smallest city in the region and the country in terms of area, San Juan is one of the smallest among the cities and municipalities in the metropolis, second only to Pateros. This was the site of the first battle of the Katipunan, the Filipino revolutionary organization, against the Spanish colonizers. [1]

  • History

During the pre-Hispanic period, the village of what is now San Juan was a part of the Kingdom of Namayan, whose last recorded rulers were King Lacantagean and his wife Bouan. When the Spanish first took over the kingdom which they re-christened as Sta. Ana de Sapa, the village remained a part of it, re-classified as a barrio, and became a small encomienda by 1590. In 1602, the Dominican friars built a retreat house for their immediate use, where aging or convalescing friars stayed. Later, the Dominicans constructed a convent and a stone church dedicated to the Holy Cross. To this day, the thrice-rebuilt church of Santo Cristo stands on the same site, adjacent to the Aquinas School and the Dominican College. In 1783, San Juan became independent of Santa Ana but it was still then a barrio. The first battle of the Philippine Revolution that achieved independence from Spain, began in San Juan in 1898. [1]

Although not officially designated as such, the city of San Juan could also be called the "Town of Philippine Presidents." Of the last nine presidents since the country became a republic in 1946, four of them were official residents of San Juan when they assumed office. They were the Macapagal pére et fille, Diosdado Sr. (1961-1965) and his daughter Gloria (2001-2010); Ferdinand Marcos (1965-1986); and Joseph Estrada (1998-2001), who also served as mayor when San Juan was still a municipality. On June 16, 2007, voters in San Juan ratified the conversion of the municipality into a highly urbanised city, pursuant to Republic Act No. 9388 ("An Act Converting the Municipality of San Juan into a Highly Urbanized City to be known as the City of San Juan"). Then congressman Ronaldo B. Zamora sponsored the Cityhood Bill at the House of Representatives and worked for its approval.[1]

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