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Dakak Park and Beach Resort Comments and Reviews

Comments and Reviews Archive

  • The resort was very clean and the staff very attentive and courteous. The rooms were very cozy but the cable had only 4 channels (hbo, hallmark, and 2 others).
  • One of the best resort i have ever seen, I will be back soon - Ubando (Dec 2009)
  • Stay at dakak was quite an experience, though we've experience fluctuations on current. but for sure we're gonna be back. - E. Wena, Oct. 2009
  • Facilities are all okay
  • Great service. great package. great people. great beach. only negative i can think of is there's no internet in the rooms and their phones are kinda old.
  • We really enjoyed our stay in dakak, it was cozy and not too crowded resort. we had fun with their aqua sports facilities, its jsut that they dont hve room service and that we need to go down to the resto to eat and its ok though.their service was ok too.. so. we had a great time there.:) - P Samante, June 2007
  • Brought my sister from the states April 2009 to this resort. Nowhere near Boracay's long stretch of white sand, of course,but if you want less crowd it's the place to be.De luxe room that we got was an uphill walk from the beach and was quite a task if you forget anything in your cottage.I suggest you get the ones near the beach. More expensive but will be worth the extra money. The bowling alley although a bit ran down was a pleasant surprise. the water sports facilities looked reliable. The jetski ran well. The food is good. The waiters were pleasant. - D. Banaag, April 2009
  • The honeymoon package was indeed VALUE FOR MONEY! THE BEST! BUFFET BREAKFAST WAS GREAT! - A. Manampan (Nov. 2008)
  • Dakak trip was be back there soon, together with my entire family.Thank u so much. I was surprised with the free tickets to fantasy land. All the guests were surprised too after we checked in.Might as well informed us ahead the schedule so that we could also adjust our time spending around the resort. What I can I say..It was so fun.Heck, I love surprises too. - M. Atwil, Nov. 2009
  • I love Dakak even its my 2nd time around. I love the place. The staff we're friendly. - Emily (Jun. 2009)
  • Very good service. - P. Tieng (Feb. 2009)
  • We were very pleased with our stay in Dakak. And we are even contemplating on going back there with our whole family. We felt very much taken care of during our stay. Thank you. - F. Temporal, Dec. 2008
  • All the staff were nice and very very courteous! The beach is great, perfect for relaxation!! - kger, Nov. 2008
  • Best place for relaxation and time quality. - M. Baua, Sept 2008
  • The resort was very nice. Service was good. - J. Navarro, July 2008
  • Dakak is paradise for anyone who wants peace tranquility. Great for nature lovers (not very commercial) Cultural shows are quality! makes me love to be nationalistic. Dakak is best valued trip I have so far! No hidden agendas, what you see is what you get!Place, people and nature --simply one of the best in the Philippines!
  • Excellent service
  • The airport transfers were also very good. we didn't have to do anything anymore. the dakak staff were the ones who fixed everything for us.
  • Great service. great package. great people. great beach. only negative i can think of is there's no internet in the rooms and their phones are kinda old. their not too in in tune with high tech stuffs :) other than dat the resort was fabolous - M. Jacinto, Nov. 2007
  • I did not expect that Dakak is quite laidback, a peaceful getaway. - J. Hernandez, Jan. 2009
  • Our family enjoyed our stay in Dakak! We will surely go back soon! I have also recommended the place to my friends. - C. Buenaventura, April 2008
  • The resort was very bad. We arrived at the port and the reception was closed. Once we arrived at the resort to check in no one welcomed us the whole place was very busy and the people were rude and impersonal. We had to wait for a long time just to speak to a receptionist. The receptionist did not have a clue and took ages to do anything. Then she informed us after about 30mins of waiting that the room was not ready yet (we arrived at around 3pm). We waited longer and then finally got our room. The bad service continued at the dinner service. They waiters did not give us a menu we had to go and ask .. and then we waited for ever. I had to confront a waiter to get some service. This is extremely terrible for a resort that Philippines rates highly of. The location is very isolated. My only suggestion is if you call it a resort then act like a resort. We pay good money to relax not to be treated rudely with bad service, - I. Liyanage (TravelSmart.NET Reservation)

-- 08:38, 14 May 2010 (UTC)

The room was awesome. The place was perfect. Hence, the best experience!

- r josol (TravelSmart.NET Reservation)

-- 08:13, 21 May 2010 (UTC)

great resort and great service! this is the most accomodating resort i've ever tried.

- embet (TravelSmart.NET Reservation)

-- 08:14, 21 May 2010 (UTC)

ayusin sana nila yung reception nang cable nila. hindi kasi clear. sana may wifi/ internet connection in every room. - N. Lao (TravelSmart.NET REservation)

-- 08:53, 9 July 2010 (UTC)

room 4A sink had waters on the floor that makes our room messy.we don't know where it comes from. and when we arrived at the resort we still wait for about 45mins at the lobby just to wait for van. instead of immediate rest in our room because of long travel. - F. Penera

-- 05:54, 25 March 2011 (UTC)

the place was great,as well as the hospitality too...but i think something was wrong because i lost my watch thursday march 31 after our room was cleaned.when i reported it to the front desk,they just said that nothing was found in the room. Like i was not happy on how she reacted on my reported like she can even make an effort on tracing who cleaned our room that day. that way even if my watch will not be returned sana lang kahit mag effort sila para di lang basta basta manguha ng gamit ang mga employees nila. - N. Christina

-- 04:38, 8 April 2011 (UTC)

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