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Coordinates: 10°42′3″N 122°33′47″E 10.70083, 122.56306


University of San Agustin

  • Location & Contact Information
    • Address, Directions, & Map:
      • Gen. Luna Street, Iloilo City, Iloilo, Philippines
    • Telephone Numbers:
      • +63 33 3374841
      • +63 33 3374403 (fax)
    • Official Website: [1]
    • Email:
  • History & Memorable Moments

Augustinian friars from Spain belonging to the Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus of the Philippines founded the University of San Agustin on July 15, 1904. They were assisted by their American confreres from the Augustinian U.S. Province of St. Thomas of Villanova. The motto of the privately-owned university is Virtus et Scientia, which derives its inspiration from the school's spiritual founder St. Augustine of Hippo, and other famous Augustinians across the centuries like Thomas of Villanova, Thomas à Kempis, Gregory of Rimini, Rita of Cascia, Nicholas of Tolentine, Fray Luis de Léon, Andrés de Urdaneta, Martin Luther, Martín de Rada, Manuel Blanco and Gregor Mendel. [1]

The university began as a preparatory school for boys during the American colonial period. It was granted government recognition on December 12, 1912 for its various course offerings. On February 5, 1917, it was formally incorporated under the name Colegio de San Agustín de Iloilo. In 1928, one of the country's oldest campus publications, The Augustinian Mirror, was established, producing some of the country's well-known writers. The 1930s saw rapid growth with the opening of three colleges in quick succession: College of Liberal Arts in 1935, College of Commerce in 1936 and College of Law in 1937. On the eve of the Second World War, the college admitted female students for the first time in 1940. [1]

During the Second World War (1941-45), the college was temporarily shuttered as the Philippines fought a guerilla war against the Japanese. The war led to the destruction of all the buildings, except for Urdaneta Hall, which at present houses the university theatre and the College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology. With almost the entire college in ruins, some friars advocated closing the school altogether while others pushed for its immediate rehabilitation. It was eventually reopened in 1945, followed by a decade of expansion that ushered in both the College of Pharmacy and the College of Technology (1945), the Normal (Teacher's) College (1947), the Graduate School (1950), and the College of Dentistry (1953). The school was granted university status on March 1, 1953, a year before its 50th anniversary, making it the first university in Western Visayas. [1]

The following year, Rev. Angel Dulanto, OSA arrived from Spain after completing his studies at Villanova University, an American sister school of San Agustin. As an impresario, he introduced the yearly velada, characterized by a weeklong festivity of artistic, religious, and cultural events. A zarzuela, staged by both professors and students, is the centerpiece of University Week from February 14-20. [1]

In 1965 Rev. Nicanor Lana, OSA, Ph.D. became rector of the university. His term was marked by vast improvements in the school's infrastructure. The same year he started his term as rector, he inaugurated DySA, the official radio station of the university, to help expand the reach of the university through mass media. The University of San Agustín Press, known today as Libro Agustino, came a year later. In the months leading to the centenary of San Agustín in 2004, it issued one hundred book titles by Augustinian authors. [1]

Poor enrollment forced the administrators to phase out the College of Dentistry in 1967. But a flowering of cultural and artistic activities on campus led to the founding of the famous Kawilihan Dancers, the USA Troubadours, and the Conservatory of Music. Rev. Santiago Ezcurra, OSA, a Spanish musician who studied music in Rome, was formally installed as its first dean. In 1969 the USA Clinical Laboratory was opened, followed a few years later by the introduction of the College of Nursing in 1974. [1]

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    • Gallinero, Doane Rey
    • Layson, Jesus Anthone
    • Monteclaro, Joelore
    • Nieves, Jane Jacket
    • Ortigosa, Charlie
    • Paguntalan, Henan
    • Tuvillara, Raul
    • Abaygar, Shirley
    • Alonte, Rafael
    • Anacan, Analene
    • Apawan, Leontero
    • Aquino, Johann
    • Arcangel, Allan
    • Banhdid, Jantarasri (May 1975 - Present)
    • Bargas, Joan Marie
    • Belonio, Amando
    • Bernas, Willyn
    • Billanes, Mae Rose
    • Bongaitan, Catherine Anne
    • Bucais, Charlyn
    • Buella, Frederick
    • Cabsaba, Jr., Aquiles
    • Caldelero, Nora Baron
    • Cartel, Robert
    • Castor, Christopher
    • Castro, Lea
    • Castro, Lilybelle
    • Celestial, Ryan
    • Cinco, Arni
    • Cordero, Ralf
    • Cumla, Lera
    • Del Prado, Rhomel
    • Dichoso, Jorge
    • Diong, Rhea
    • Donesa, Ma. Sheryll
    • Echeche, Grace
    • Eday, Terence
    • Enero, Catherine
    • Espana, Jessica
    • Gicole-Estranero, Genevieve Gicole (April 2005 - April 2006)
    • Fantillo, Rojie
    • Flores, Nathaniel
    • Fusingan, Heather Joy
    • Galeno, Seraph Emmanuel Munieza (June 1979 - January 1989)
    • Gallardo, Joey
    • Gallo, Hannah Grace
    • Galvez, Francis Xavier
    • Garcisto, Jerney June
    • Gil, Kenneth Demetrios
    • Golingay, Lovella Joy
    • Gonzaga, Kate
    • Hervias, Helen
    • Ibanez, Rosavel
    • Jalipa, Jungie
    • Janeo, Lorna
    • Ladao, Rosalie
    • Ledesma, Karl
    • Loching, Majel
    • Magbanua, Josefa Susmiran (June 1993 - March 1995)
    • Magtulis, Kathy
    • Majillano, Donna Salve
    • Malaluan, Roselle Mae
    • Maybay, Jose Jeffrey Wayne
    • Monteclaro, Karl Anthony
    • Ngo, Ryan Nichole
    • Nick, Funtilon
    • Ong, Jocelyn Tan (October 1989 - Present)
    • P, Shirly Ann
    • Pacina, Mayla
    • Padilla, Consuelo
    • Padillo, Reynante
    • Patrocino, Charles Dennis
    • Posadas, Ma. Elena
    • Quizan, Mary Josephine Corazon
    • Ramos, Jonadin
    • Raso, Joy
    • Rivas, Ma.Leda
    • Samaniego, Cheryll June
    • Sampane, Jay Christine
    • Santander, Arnaldo
    • Sastrillo, Jose Marie
    • Sian, Jevin
    • Silarde, Ryan Kim
    • Simpas, Suzanne Marie
    • Siron, Cylvin
    • Sustiguer, Andrew
    • Tolentino, Ruby
    • Valdevieso, Jacob
    • Vasquez, Jose Sol
    • Zulueta, Maria Lorena
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