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Mauritius Telecom

  • Location & Contact Information
    • Address, Directions, & Map
      • Edith Cavell, Port Louis, Mauritius
    • GPS Coordinates
    • Telephone Numbers: 2037000
    • Official Website: [1]
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Mauritius Telecom is a telecommunications and Internet service provider in Mauritius, a small republic in the Indian Ocean. The company has about 332,000 fixed telephone lines customers, 555,000 mobile customers, 45,000 customers of dial-up internet access and 30,000 customers of Orange ADSL and My.T ADSL. [1]

Mauritius Telecom was founded in July 1992 by a merger between the former Overseas Telecommunications Services Ltd and Mauritius Telecommunication Services Ltd. As from that date, Mauritius Telecom became the major provider of voice, mobile, Internet and data communication services in Mauritius. [1]

In 1996, Cellplus Mobile Communications Ltd, a mobile network operator and a fully owned subsidiary of Mauritius Telecom launched the GSM network in Mauritius and later during the same year Telecom Plus Ltd, another fully owned subsidiary of Mauritius Telecom as from 2006, launched dial-up internet access service. [1]

In November 2000, France Telecom became the strategic partner of Mauritius Telecom by acquiring 40% of its shares. Part of the stock of the company is owned by Portugal Telecom International and by Telecommunication de Mozambique. [1]

Following the partnership with France Telecom,Telecom Plus Ltd launched in 2002 broadband internet access which is branded under Wanadoo ADSL. [1]

By combining the technological and global strength of France Telecom, and the local and regional experience of Mauritius Telecom, the two companies have been able to offer innovative and useful technologies and launched in June 2006 the Multiplay IPTV services branded as My.T which enabled Mauritius to become among the first countries in the world to launch IPTV services. [1]

As from 17 April 2008, Mauritius Telecom re-branded its mobile and internet services as Orange. Cellplus Prepaid and Post Paid offers are now known as Orange Prepay and Post Pay offers and Telecom Plus dial-up internet access and Wanadoo ADSL offers are now known as Orange Dial-Up and Orange ADSL. [1]

Subsidiaries of Mauritius Telecom include:

  • Telecom Plus Ltd, an internet service provider; [1]
  • Cellplus Mobile Communications Ltd, a cellular phone service provider; [1]
  • Call Services Ltd, a telemarketing company; [1]
  • Teleservices(Mauritius) Ltd, a telephone directory company. [1]

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