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Coordinates: 27°40′29″N 85°22′05″E 27.6745971, 85.3680396


Kantipur Publications

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      • Tinkune, Kathmandu, Nepal
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    • Telephone Numbers: 4480100 ext. 1612
    • Official Website: [1]
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In February 1993, exactly two years after Nepal’s constitution was amended to permit a free press, Kantipur and The Kathmandu Post were launched. They became the first private newspapers in Nepal's history. The two publications quickly found a large audience with the public - as well as contentious relationship with the ruling regime.


The massacre of the royal family in June 2001 prompted the first crisis between Kantipur Publications and the government of King Gyanendra. Three directors of Kantipur were arrested and charged with "sedition" after publishing comments by a Maoist leader about the death of King Birendra. [1]

Gyanendra's proclamation of a state of emergency on November 26, 2001 suspended the press freedom guaranteed by the country’s Constitution a decade earlier. Police began a wave of repression: more than fifty journalists were arrested, many publications were banned outright. Following a February 1, 2005 royal proclamation banning all criticism of the king, Kantipur Publications operated under tighter restrictions. Journalists throughout Nepal were subject to imprisonment and beatings by the Royal Nepal Army. Nevertheless, Kantipur Publications continued to criticize the regime despite the royal proclamation and the ongoing civil war. In March 2005, Narayan Wagle, editor in chief of Kantipur, was held for questioning by police on suspicion of criticizing the king in print. During the 2006 uprising, Kantipur Publications continued operations despite increased crackdowns by the monarchy on private media. Press freedom has been restored since the restoration of democracy in Nepal in May 2006, allowing Kantipur Publications to operate without fear of reprisal by the state. [1]

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