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Shahrood University of Technology

  • Location & Contact Information
    • Address & Directions
      • 7th Tir Square, Shahrood, Semnan, Iran
    • Telephone Numbers:
      • +98-273-3333334 (5)
      • +98-273-3335509 (fax)
    • Official Website: [1]
  • History & Memorable Moments

Shahrood University of Technology is a university in the city of Shahrood in Semnan Province in Iran. [1]

The university was established as "The Shahrood College of Mines" (مدرسه عالي معدن شاهرود) in 1973, and was elevated to university status in 1994.Finally, thanks to the efforts and pursuit of university president and the staff at the time and the expansion of different programs and the development of post-graduate levels, another great achievement was gained for the university in that the Development Council of the ministry in a session dated 2002/6/9 announced his agreement with the promotion of the university to Shahrood University of technology,The university currently operates 11 faculties, offering 32 degrees to students at bachelors, masters, and PhD levels. [1]

The significant achievements of the university from 1997 up to now are as following: [1]

  • Setting up the Ph.D. programs for mining engineering, physics and electrical engineering
  • Setting up the mater programs in
  • promotion of Shahrood University to Shahrood University of technology
  • The approval of long-term Academic Program of the university:

According to this program approved by the Council of Development in session dated 2002/9/16 and due to the potentials of the university, the number of programs will increase to 93 by the end of the Nation Fourth Program of Development The university is the only university in Iran that offers robotics engineering at bachelors level. There are only three universities offering this major in Asia. the universitys faculty of mining and agriculture are amongst the best,by offering numerous courses till Phd the university is amongst the growing universitys,and is currently the biggest university in semnan province,bigger than semnan university and dameqan university of basic science. [1]

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