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Coordinates: 22°15′49″N 114°10′58″E 22.2637301, 114.1826355


Rosaryhill School

  • Location & Contact Information
    • Address, Directions, & Map:
      • 41B Stubbs Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
    • Telephone Numbers:
      • 2572 0228
      • 2838 6141 (fax)
    • Official Website: [1]
    • Email:
  • History & Memorable Moments

In early 1960 Fr. Gonzalez applied for permission to start a secondary school. At first he planned to set up a secondary school for boys only. However, he was also concerned about the arrangements for the girls to be promoted to a secondary school, so he decided to set up two new sections, one for the boys and one for the girls. [1]

The first group of students in the Secondary Section (1962) [1]

In 1961, the Dominican Primary School was renamed as Rosaryhill School. Finally the Secondary Section was set up in Septemper 1962. Fr. Gonzalez was the Supervisor and Fr. John Lopez Francisco, O.P. was the first Principal. The students who graduated from the Primary Section, constituted the first batch of students in the Secondary Section.In the beginning, the building of St. Albert's Priory was used as the school compound of the Dominican Primary School. However, the use of such a monastic structure as a school building was only a temporary measure during the time of transition before his idea of a project could be implemented. A more appropriate building was required both for an educational purpose and for compliance with the requirements stipulated in the Education Ordinance. So Fr. Gonzalez negotiated with a Chinese construction company, which finally agreed to build a new school building in exchange for the ownership of about two-thirds of the land property whereas the school kept the ownership of the rest, that is, the back portion of the site, on which a new imposing structure of Rosaryhill School was completed. [1]

The whole school moved from the old building into the new building where the present school is located. The new school building is a rectangular structure, divided into two sections ( the Boys' and the Girls' ) by a central portion comprising an auditorium, which occupies the space of two floors, a chapel, also taking up two floors in height, a library and other special rooms occupying the fifth floor. The Business Studies Section occupies the eastern wing of the sixth floor; where as the western wing is used as the residential quarters for the friars of the community. The capacity of the school gradually increased. In 1968-69 Rosaryhill School had grown to a complex situation of 3 Sections: [1]

A gymnastic performance at the 1st Annual Athletic Meet 1966-67. [1]

A Kindergarten Section; a Primary Section with two sessions; one in morning and one in the afternoon; a secondary section with two Sections, one for girls and one for boys, both full-day sessions. Altogether there were 4,500 students in all the Sections. There were some other significant events worth mentioning during the 1960's. In 1962 the Religious Department was formed as an important constituent of the school, playing the dual role of attending to the spiritual needs of the Catholic students as well as the promotion of catechetical instruction among the non- Catholics. In 1966 the first School Annual was published and the first Athletic Meet took place. The Secondary Section reached another milestone on the road of its existence in the years 1966-68. To fulfil the aim of wholesome education, a large variety of clubs and associations of different nature was set up in the Secondary Section in 1966.In 1967 the school sent the first group of Form 5 graduates to sit for the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination In the same year the Rosaryhill School Old Students' Association (RHSOSA) was formed. In 1968 the Student Council for the Secondary Section was established, one for the Girls' Section and one for the Boys'. They were later combined into one council in 1974. [1]

In 1969 some changes took place in Rosaryhill School. Fr. Eutimio Gonzalez, the founder of the school, was succeeded by Fr. Thomas Lopez Francisco, O.P.. To provide chances for graduates to further their studies at the tertiary level, the school authority began to study the possibilities of offering a programme of post-secondary studies for the Form 5 graduates. In 1969 the plan was materialized: a two-year course was offered for Form 5 graduates for both Arts and Science Streams. [1]

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