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Coordinates: 14°39′30″N 120°58′51″E 14.6583036, 120.9809089


St. Gabriel Academy

  • Address: Araneta Avenue corner Caimito Road, Brgy. 79, Caloocan City, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Phone:
    • +63 2 361-2348, 363-3855
    • +63 2 363-3855 (fax)
  • Website:
  • Overview

St. Gabriel Academy is a parochial school under the Diocese of Caloocan. Msgr. Pacifico Mendoza established a pre-school, which in time became what is now St. Gabriel Academy. [1]

It was in school year 1968 – 1969 when the school began its operation under the headship of Sr. Marie Lorraine, M.M. then the principal of St. James Academy would continue their secondary education at St. James Academy. [1]

With the transfer of Msgr. Pacifico Mendoza, Fr. Alfredo Santos took over the directorship until 1979. He was followed by Rev. Fr. Norberto Habos in which events turned out significantly when His Eminence Jaime Cardinal Sin commissioned the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres to administer the school. This call to mission was immediately responded by the SPC Sisters thru Rev. Mother Marie dela Croix, SPC, appointing Sr. Fideliza Portillo, SPC as the first principal in the year 1979-1980. She was replaced by Sr. Mary Glyceria Navarro, SPC who served the school in the year 1980-1981. The turned of administration gained succession until eventually the first SPC community was established in the year 1981-1982. Sr. Jacinta De Marie Quindo, SPC was the Sister Superior and at the same time the principal for nine years from 1981-1990 inclusive. [1]

From 1990-1992, Sr. Blandine Jamias, SPC became the principal with Sr. Milagros Ycasas, SPC, as the Local Superior. The following school year, Sr. Edna Lopez, SPC, was appointed as principal until 1995. [1]

SGA managed to address the challenges of the new millennium that S.Y. 1999-2000 was made significant with the opening of the high school department. It was during the time of Rev. Fr. Nestor "Nestie" Gungon and Sr. Mary Angelina Rojas, SPC, when the High School department began its operation. While Sr. Angelina was the grade school principal, Fr. Nestie on the other hand was both the school director and H.S principal. In the second year of operation of the high school, Fr. Nestie was succeeded by Msgr. Wilfredo Paguio. [1]

In the school year 2001-2002 up to present, Sr. Mary Glyceria Navarro, SPC became the principal for both the grade school and high school departments. It was in the incumbency of Sr. Glyceria where SGA acquired facilities. These include the function hall, Bio-Chem, Physics, T.H.E. and Speech Laboratories. Msgr. Paguio, after his two year term was succeeded by Fr. Alex V. Amandy who assumed office as a school director effective April 1, 2002. Fr. Alex effected renovation of the physical plant which led to the completion of the high school building into five-story edifice with its gymnasium in the 5th floor. [1]

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