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Linxprovi8 (LP8) Training & Tutorial Services

  • UG1-A The Palm Towers, St. Paul Road, San Antonio Village, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines,
  • (632) 403-0833 / (0917) 698-3979 / (0920) 620-4885 / (0922) 844-5584
  • Emai: [], Yahoo: [], Skype: [linxprovi8]
  • Website: [1]
  • Map: [2]

We are a young and dynamic organization intent on providing human resource solutions which focus on personnel empowerment. We open doors to opportunities by providing versatile programs that not only seek to share knowledge but to encourage growth and the development of potential. In each undertaking, we strive to achieve conglomerate success through individual progress. We don't just teach, we TRAIN (Train, Relate, Aspire, Inspire, Nurture.

Who we are. What we do. Where our heart is.

Linxprovi8 started with a dream, a dream of providing business solutions and human resource services so comprehensive they addressed the needs of the collective as well as the individual. However, like all dreams, they are destined to be merely that until we act upon them.

And WE did.

Focusing on the goal of empowering individuals to become the force that propels them and their organizations to success, Linxprovi8 provides consultancy services tailored to address the specific concerns of each and every one of its clients, offering creativity and innovation in a whole new perspective. We involve our clients in the process to ensure that we provide solutions that are efficient, effective, and long-term.

And, as proof of Linxprovi8’s versatility, we offer other human resource, education, and training services designed to provide modern, ground-breaking solutions that attend to the distinctive needs not commonly addressed by traditional training methods.

With time comes change, and that is what we bring to the industry. We are the LINKS that PROVIDE revolutionary and modernized solutions for business in the 21st century.

WE are Linxprovi8.

Experience learning on a whole new level. Experience Linxprovi8 today!


IN-HOUSE - /in –hous/ 1. v. making use of our spacious facilities, having the convenience of studying at the heart of linxprovi8 2. v. free use of utilities and reference materials such as the internet sources and books.

HOME-BASED - /hōm bāst/ 1.v. taking advantage of your own facilities to conduct tutorials. 2. v. to do tutorials in the student’s place of preference for his or her convenience 3. v. visits from trustworthy tutors that will respect you and your house.

ON-LINE TUTORIAL - /on līn/ 1. v. utilization of online communication applications for tutorials to erase the limits of distance 2. v. the safety of being at home while doing tutorials through a computer, providing a great new experience.


Integrated English Program for Toddlers & Pre-Nursery (1-year program) This program is designed for toddlers to develop their reading, listening, speaking, and other skills to prepare them for the academic activities of the future school life. It also provides for the children's need to communicate and interact with others and develop relationships with their friends, parents, and the other people around them.

TUTORIAL PROGRAMS Online Academic Tutorials (via Skype / Yahoo Messenger Voice)

Academic Tutorials Services (Preschool, Elementary, High School, and College)

TRAINING PROGRAMS English Proficiency Training Program (Filipinos & Foreigners)

This program aims to not only teach individuals to learn and use the English language but also to improve their vocabulary and communicate in English effectively, eliminating the language barriers and opening the door to open and comprehensible communication. We also have for Pre-school our new Integrated English.

Filipino Proficiency Training Program

This program aims to help foreigners learn the Filipino language to enable them to communicate effectively and interact with Filipinos. It may also prove helpful to Filipinos who wish to re-acquaint themselves with the intricacies of the native tongue.

Call Center Preparedness Training Program

A preparation for the pursuit of a career in the call center industry. This program focuses on the following:

· Accent neutralization and the development of universal English communication skills

· Basic customer relations management

· Interview rehearsals

· Call simulations

Basic Computer Application

In these modern times, computer literacy has now become and indispensable skill. This training program seeks to educate users on the basics of computer operation and to train them in improving their usage thereof. Training is available for children and adults.

Career Development Planning (Graduating Students)

It is an age old adage that to excel in something you do, it must be and undertaking you truly desire. This program aims to help high school and college students, fresh graduates, career-shifters, and job-seekers determine what career fields their abilities and interests are well-suited for. This program also teaches students to prepare comprehensive yet concise resumes and application forms that are competitive and stand to make a good impression on potential employers and other organizations.

Team Building

Functional relationships among colleagues is they key to effective, efficient, and successful organizations. Such relationships are forged through experiences that challenge their ability to compliment each other and to think and work as one. This training also has another inadvertent yet much appreciated benefit: it allows for the emergence of individuals with the potential to become leaders in their own right.

Leadership Development & Management Training

This program aims to redefine leadership from simple to control to empowerment and help leaders apply them in practice. Leaders emerge from this training as confident, skilled individuals capable of successfully managing group dynamics with ease. Customer Care Management Training

Customer satisfaction is the lifeblood of businesses that thrive on selling and marketing goods and services. This program provides a medium to ensure that their front-line personnel can cater to the varying needs of customers and assist customers according to the company’s ideals.

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SUPPORT SERVICES We not only strive to train and develop but we also address corporate and business needs by providing administrative and human resource management support services such as recruitment, performance appraisal, payroll assistance, and other related services.


Summer is gives us a break from the routine of a regular school year. It provides opportunities to work on the interests or aspects of life which we may find difficult to focus on during the rest of the year. We would like to provide our assistance in the development of skills, discovery of talent, and putting one's potential within reach, which is why we annually offer our line of summer programs! For this year, the following courses are offered:

  1. Advance Academic Tutorial for All Levels
  2. Arts and Craft Workshop for Kids
  3. Basic Guitar Lessons
  4. Badminton Clinic 

Have fun while learning new things.

Start planning your summer activity now!



  * Graduate of any 4 year course, Major in English, Math, Science Education or any related field. 
  * Precious work experience in the same position will be an advantage. 
  * Diligent, punctual, hard working, patient, highly professional, and exhibit maturity and integrity.    
  * Must be dynamic, flexible and has strong inter-personal skills
  * Residence of Makati, Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Muntinlupa, Las Piñas, Alabang or Cavite are preferred. 
  * Fresh graduate, entry level or at least 3rd year in college are encourage to apply. 
  * Part-time and Full-time position.  


  * Candidate must possess at least college level with any course.
  * Applicants must be willing to work in Metro Manila.
  * Possess good interpersonal and communication skills.
  * Preferably with any marketing experience
  * Part-time positions available.


   * Candidate must possess a Bachelor's/College Degree
   * Candidates must possess excellent communication skills
   * Knowledge in inventory management
   * Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status
   * Preferably with Experienced Employees specializing in Finance - General/Cost Accounting or equivalent
   * Full-Time positions available


  * Candidate must possess at least Bachelor's/ College degree in Psychology, Mass Communication or any related    
  * Should have at least 1 year of working experience in Human Resource specializing in the design and conduct 
    Training Programs and handle Team Building training. 
  * Excellent in oral and written communication skills.
  * Proficient in computer applications (MS Office, Excel and Power Point)
  * Highly innovative and a team player.
  * Works with minimum supervision. 
  * Applicants must be willing to work in Metro Manila. 
  * Full-Time and part-time positions available.

Please call us at 403-0833 to set an appointment for an exam and interview. You can also send your resume at resume@linxprovi8.comThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it for evaluation.

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