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Coordinates: 15°02′13″N 120°41′50″E 15.0369933, 120.6971821


University of the Assumption

  • Location & Contact Information
    • Address, Directions, & Map:
      • San Fernando City, Pampanga, Philippines
    • Telephone Numbers: 961-3617, 961-1482, 961-5675
    • Email:
    • Official Website: [1]
  • History & Memorable Moments

The university was originally called Assumption Junior College, and was located on the third floor of the Assumpta Building in downtown San Fernando. The school was under the watchful eyes of Sr. Gunfrida Schneyer, O.S.B., who was also at the time the Superior of the Community of Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing (Germany). The college began with a total enrollment of 275 students. The initial degrees originally offered were Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Bachelor of Science in Education, and Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. [1]

In 1965 the college moved to its present site at the Unisite Subdivision, in Barangay Del Pilar. The Puno Hall at the time was the first and only building on the campus. 1965 also saw the institution's official recognition as Assumption College of Pampanga. [1]

The administrative revamp in 1966 brought a member of the clergy to the helm of the institution. The administration of Rev. Fr. Aniceto M. Franco, then dean and rector, saw the need to establish a high school and grade school on campus. Sr. Mary Philip Ryan, O.P. and the Dominican Sisters of Our Lady of Remedies assisted in the supervision of both departments. Sr. Mary Philip Ryan was also the superior of the Dominican community whose members performed active roles in the institution's affairs as faculty members and administrators. In 1969, the Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering was added to the original roster of degrees offered at the college. It was also during the term of Father Franco, that the construction of the Ryan building, the Benedictine Building, and the Gymnasium further enhance the expansion of the campus. [1]

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  • Teachers (Where are they now?)
    • Alviz,Jr., Rodolfo (May 1980 - March 1985)
    • Aquino, Sharon
    • Aranas-Paguio, Glenna Limocon (November 2002 - Present)
    • Bueno, Ireneo Bernal (June 1979 - April 1982)
    • Canlas, Romel Medina (May 1990 - April 1996)
    • Domingo, Romer
    • Duque, Jesus
    • Francisco-Abesamis, Omar Francisco (March 2000 - December 2006)
    • Ko, Alan (June 1985 - March 1986)
    • Macasaquit, Elmerp Peralta (June 2001 - August 2001)
    • Manalastas, Donna Velez (July 2001 - July 2020)
    • Manarang, Ma. Louella Sason (January 2000 - June 2001)
    • Martin, Melissa (May 2005 - May 2005)
    • Navarro, Rachelle
    • Pasion, Leonora (June 1992 - March 2000)
    • Rivera, Edwin Dizon (June 2000 - Present)
    • Silva, Abel Simbulan (March 1982 - August 1990)
    • Sunga, Joewel (June 2003 - Present)
    • Villegas, Jose Robert
    • Vitangcul, Peys Canlas (February 2002 - December 2020)
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