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Coordinates: 14°18′07″N 121°02′28″E 14.301813, 121.0410118



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Find Carmona Jobs in JobsCity.NET

The Municipality of Carmona (Filipino: Bayan ng Carmona) is a first class urban municipality in the province of Cavite, Philippines. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 68,135 people in a land area of 30.9 square kilometres.[1]

  • History

According to a research conducted in 1982, by Sangguniang Bayan members composed of Ernesto Zamora, Salvador P. Manahan, Pio Purificacion, Narciso Levardo, Romy Laurito, assisted by Municipal Secretary Rogelio D. Paular, it was found out that the history of Carmona began during the 15th century. As related by reliable informant, three brothers coming from the mountain of Silang were said to be the first settlers in the place which was then called Latag. The settlement was not known to other residents of Silang until some of them also went down to the place, cleared some forest areas and established their residence.

In 1595, Silang became a town and Latag was annexed as a part since then. Latag gradually developed into a community whose residents struggled hard to make it a town. Their burning desires were filled with hopes and fulfillment in 1856 when their move for the conversion of Latag into a town was spearheaded by a leader named Tiburcio Purificacion. Finally, by virtue of a decree issued on February 20, 1857, Latag became a separate municipality with the name as it bears today: Carmona. Yet until now, it is not known where the name originated.

During the Philippine Revolution in 1896, the gobernadorcillo of Carmona was Kapitan Damian Ermitano after the administrations of Tiburcio Purificacion, Mariano Mapanoo and Donald C.Virtucio,augusto manaog and Fabian Tenedero .

After the revolution and the occupation of the country by the Americans in 1901, the first local executive of Carmona was Martin Reyes who was followed next by Marcelo Reyes, Prudencio Torres, Juan Alumia, Estanislao Paular, Marciano Mapanoo, and Juan Zamora.

The mayors who assumed office after World War II were the following honorable men: Bernardo Hebron, Eulalio Reyes and Cesar Casal and Felino L. Maquinay. In 1959, the district of San Gabriel and San Jose of Barangay Kabilang Baybay was purchased by the National Government for the relocation of squatters from Metro Manila. On March 14, 1981, the relocation site, which teemed with people from almost every part of the country and was more popularly known as resettlement area became an independent municipality called General Mariano Alvarez .

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