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Coordinates: 56°20′29″N 2°47′35″W 56.3415077, -2.7929735


University of St. Andrews

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      • College Gate, St. Andrews, Scotland, United Kingdom
    • Telephone Numbers: +44 (1334) 476161
    • Official Website: [1]
  • History & Memorable Moments

The University was founded in 1410 when a charter of incorporation was bestowed upon the Augustinian priory of St Andrews Cathedral. A Papal Bull was issued in 1413 by the Avignon Pope Benedict XIII. The University grew in size quite rapidly; A pedagogy, St John's College was founded 1418-1430 by Robert of Montrose and Lawrence of Lindores, St Salvator's College was established in 1450, St Leonard's College in 1511, and St Mary's College in 1537. St Mary's College was a refoundation of St Johns College. Some of these early college buildings are in use today date from this period such as St Salvator's Chapel and St Leonards College chapel. At this time, much of the teaching was of a religious nature and was conducted by clerics associated with the cathedral. [1]

From the 17th to 19th centuries, the university underwent many changes. The distinctive red gowns, which are still in use today, were adopted in 1672. Toward the end of the seventeenth century, the university considered and eventually rejected a move to Perth. In 1747, St Salvator's and St Leonards's merged to form the United College of St Salvator and St Leonard. [1]

During the 19th century, student numbers were very low and the university faced the possibility of closing. In the 1870s, the student population was fewer than 150, and perhaps partly in response to this, the university founded University College in Dundee in 1897, which became a centre of medical and scientific excellence. This affiliation ended in 1967 when the college, renamed Queen's College, became a separate and independent institution of the University of Dundee. The loss of teaching facilities for clinical medicine caused the university's Bute Medical School to form a new attachment with the University of Manchester. Today, the university is growing in international reputation, attracting more students than ever before. [1]

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