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Coordinates: 40°00′26″N 105°15′47″W 40.0072371, -105.2629924


University of Colorado at Boulder

  • Location & Contact Information
    • Address, Directions, & Map:
      • Boulder, Colorado, United States of America
    • Telephone Numbers:
      • 303-492-1411
      • 303-492-7115 (fax)
    • Official Website: [1]
  • History & Memorable Moments

On March 14, 1876, the Colorado state legislature passed an amendment to the state constitution which provided money for the establishment of the University of Colorado in Boulder, the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, and Colorado Agricultural College in Fort Collins, now known as Colorado State University. [1]

Two cities competed for the site of the original University of Colorado: Boulder and Cañon City. The consolation prize for the losing city would be home of the new Colorado State Prison. Cañon City was at a disadvantage as it was already the home of the Colorado Territorial Prison (There are now six prisons in the Cañon City area). [1]

In the early days of the University’s construction, Boulder Sheriff David H. Nichols made a midnight horseback ride from Boulder to Denver with $20,000 to give to the state to help with expenses of building the University. For this effort, the University named a dorm after him - Nichols Hall. In the 1980s it came to light that this same Mr. Nichols took part in the infamous Sand Creek Massacre, in which the Colorado Militia massacred a tribe of Native Americans, including many women and children, who were peacefully encamped along Sand Creek. After some debate, the name of the dorm was changed to Cheyenne-Arapaho Hall after two Native American nations indigenous to Colorado. [1]

The cornerstone of the building that would become Old Main was laid September 20, 1875. The doors of the university opened on September 5, 1877. At the time there were few high schools in the state that could adequately prepare students for university work, so in addition to the University, a preparatory school was formed on campus. In the fall of 1877, the student body consisted of 15 students in the college proper and 50 students in the preparatory school. There were 38 men and 27 women, and their ages ranged from 12-23 years. [1]

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    • Benay, Francoise (May 2006 - Present)
    • Brady, Heather (April 2006 - Present)
    • Monarchi, David E. (July 1972 - Present)
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