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Amauta Spanish School

Is the Best spanish school to learn spanish in Latinamerica.

Taking Spanish courses in a foreign country is an excellent investment in your future. You've temporarily left your job, family and placed your school responsibilities aside. You won't be distracted and can actually focus 100 percent on learning the Spanish language. Everything around you will contribute to learning. Catching a bus, ordering a meal will enable you to be taking in every aspect of how to live out the Spanish language and apply it to everyday circumstances.

All your interests can be included to help you out. Whether it is food, art, social contacts, history, beaches or outdoor activities, AMAUTA Spanish School offers a program that will allow you to pursue those interests while you learn Spanish. Compared to the costs of many home-country courses or university tuition, your study abroad immersion program can cost much less, even when airfare, lodging and meals are taken into account.

Consider your career goals, advanced degree programs and future potential employers who either require foreign language skills or find it to be an incredible asset. You can never go wrong in opening yourself up to a new language and the life experience that speaking it will bring you.

Amauta Spanish language schools are located in Cusco, the former capital of the legendary Inca Empire in Peru and cosmopolitan and exciting Buenos Aires, Argentina. In addition, in our Cusco Peru school, you also have the opportunity to take Spanish lessons in the Sacred Valley or the Manu rainforest.

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