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Pacman - A Retrospective to Commemorate the 30th Anniversary

[Pacman 30th Anniversary][1]! Pacman, the legendary video game, is turning thirty, and to commemorate this occasion, we're taking a look back at the game's history. The 1980s are generally referred to be the "Golden Age" of video games since computers became more accessible to people outside of academic or huge commercial settings. Toru Iwatani designed the first Pac-Man in 1980 for Namco. Its simple design, ease of play, low hardware requirements, and addictive gameplay helped it become one of the most popular arcade games in the world.

The game has progressed well beyond its humble origins to become a symbol that transcends gaming culture to become a recognised icon in popular culture. This is only one example of how something small may blossom into something enormous. Continue reading to find out what else happened in these 30 years and why this period is so significant in gaming history!

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