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It's not like you'd find yourself at Ranchlands by chance. Most visitors found it when looking for something different to do than golf or go to a spa. Without a doubt, I was with a daring group of people. The world's longest horse race, the Mongol Derby, is held in the Mongolian steppe, [octordle] and a father and daughter team were preparing for it. A few days later, I met a woman from Munich who was also here on a one-way trip for the first time who told me she was seeking for a western riding program where she could immerse herself in her longtime passion for a full week. Then, as I ate delicious chicken taquitos and cauliflower rice, my Colorado-based, hilarious dining partners Mimi and Woody told me all about their experience climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. After some thought, I concluded that most people were drawn to this area by a mutual appreciation for equestrian culture, travel, and environmental responsibility.

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